Entering Better Choice is an easy process. Whether you are already receiving home care services or are just entering into Managed Long Term Care, our representatives will help you make the switch efficiently.

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Better Choice Home Care
7104 18th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11204

FAX / 傳真

(347) 521 - 1967


  1. 您選擇的長線護理計劃的保險機構將會派註冊護士親自到您的府上,對您做專業的評估。
  2. 當我們收到您的保險機構發給我們的授權信后,我們將會再一次跟您聯繫。我們會根據您的日常生活需求來安排合適的專業護理員到您的府上。
  3. 為了更好的服務,我們的辦公時間是星期一到星期五,早上9點到下午5點,和一位專業辦公人員會為您提供24小時/7天的緊急聯繫服務。我們將會盡我們的所能來讓您和您的護理員滿意。

Further Steps

  1. We will help you along the process of scheduling a nurse visit evaluation by your Managed Long Term Insurance Provider to evaluate your eligibility for aide services.  
  2. Once we receive your approval for home health aide service, we will get in touch with you again and work to assign an aide that fits your daily and special needs.
  3. We offer continued support with the progress of your home health aide. Our office is open 9:00 - 5:00 pm,  Monday-Friday and a representative is always available 24/7 for emergencies. We will work to ensure your satisfaction with you home and personal care aide.